Phoenix Sliding Door Handles Replacement

Let’s face it. A door is only as good as its handle. Keeping your slider handle in good working order is the key to having a functional entryway to your patio, backyard, or recreational area of your home. As your Phoenix sliding door repair specialists, we offer a number of different services to help you achieve all the ease of use that can be had for your slider. Just imagine the freedom of opening and closing a perfectly maintained entry portal without any hassles. That’s the vision we specialize in bringing to reality for you and your family.

Sliding Door Handle Specialists

With over a decade of experience handling everything from a repair or replacement all over the Phoenix area, we have literally opened the door for many a neighbor to enjoy the inside/outside experience through using their well-maintained entry access. From glass sliding doors to screen repairs, we can help you get the most out of your doors over the years, which enhances your home life. When you work with our expert Phoenix sliding door repair team, you can expect to be treated to a 5-star experience from front to finish.

Sliding Door Handle Replacement

There are a few key parts that tend to take the most wear and tear over the years with constant use. Often, while other parts may have many years of life remaining, a replacement handle will be needed at least once during the life of the door. While you may be tempted to try to handle it with a trip to your local resource center and a DIY video on the Internet, we always recommend that you call in reinforcements when it comes to mechanical issues in your entry center.

Repair or replacement can be a delicate process, though simple when done properly. Our experienced team can usually install a new door handle in a short time once the part is secured. Since your security and safety in your home relies on the strength of your door and window locks, it is always the best idea to have a certified technician install replacements. Aiming to be your go-to first choice to call on for help, we are your trusted door handle contractors in Phoenix, AZ.

Patio Door Handles

Because manufacturers have made some hardware and lock patterns of slider sets with a “universal” design in mind, it is easy to replace the sliding door handle without worrying about the style, size, or shape of the handle itself so much as knowing how the interior hardware is designed. That means that you are not limited in what kind of door handle you choose to upgrade to when it comes time to change out your handle and lockset. Upgrade the look of your patio door feature easily with a brand new handle that accents the home’s decor.

From surface mounted to morticed, flush mount to multi-point lock handles, we have a variety of types to choose from, only resourced from the highest quality manufacturers in the industry. Materials available range from classic wood to steel to aluminum to ceramic. Depending on where the sliding door is and what use it has, as well as whether it needs a locking mechanism will help determine what kind of door handle would be most appropriate for your replacement. You can view some of the examples in our photo gallery to choose what styles you like the most. We also have links to catalogs that we can email to you upon request.

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Screen Door Handles

Screen door handle issues are common as they are delicate and get a lot of use. Fortunately, they are easy, fast, and inexpensive to repair or replace. Some frequent issues include latch problems, loose, rusted, broken or missing screws, and dislocation of the handle altogether. Most of the time, just replacing the entire handle mechanism is the quickest fix. Since most of the styles and brands on the market are also universal, finding a replacement is easy and affordable almost all of the time.

A screen door is a total necessity for enjoying the outdoors while indoors without inviting bugs and dirt into the home at the same time. Replacement for your screen door can be done in a few easy steps from front to finish. Often we can diagnose the problem over the phone and order the correct part if need be before coming out for a short visit to repair and replace the handle.

Sliding Glass Door Handle Repair

Having easy access to your indoor and outdoor experiences are a key to enjoying life at home. Carrying out all the BBQ fixings or running in and out with the kids on a warm summer day is always imagined without images of the family fumbling over stuck or hard to open screen doors. Yet, the handle of your patio or sliding door is certainly the place where repetitive stress can damage the internal mechanisms of even the strongest of door handles.

For only the best sliding glass door handle repair in Phoenix, AZ, you can count on our Phoenix sliding door repair specialists to handle any repair or replacement job quickly and affordably. No matter what style or shape, kind of material, or scope of the repair, we can get you rolling again in no time. Our services are always warrantied and guaranteed, so your investment is protected along with your home.

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At Phoenix Sliding Glass Door Repair, we have the experience and knowledge coupled with a dedication to delivering high-quality parts and services that sets us apart from other contractors. Our commitment to fair, honest pricing along with the highest level of certification in our industry makes us the number one choice for all things sliding doors in the Phoenix, AZ area. When you work with us, you are guaranteed reliable results every time.

If affordable prices for high-quality work is what you are looking for, look no further than our team of Phoenix sliding door repair specialists to help you with all your home door repairs. Our friendly staff and professional technicians will ensure the smooth accomplishment of the task at a fair and reasonable price. When your safety and security, as well as ease of enjoyment, are your priorities at home, call on us to get you rolling again with a sliding door repair or replacement.

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Your home is only as safe as your door. Your door is only as good as its handle. Don’t leave your house open to vulnerability by putting up with faulty or failing handles or locks. When your sliding door handle is in need of repair or replacement, it is a matter of security to have it handled quickly and properly by a certified contractor.

Reach out to us today to get an estimate on the repair or replacement of your sliding door handle. We can answer your questions and schedule your repair appointment immediately. Our goal is to get you rolling again with only the best service and parts available. Call us for your free quote today!

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