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There is nothing more irksome than throwing a party on the patio with all of your friends and the sliding glass door or screen door roller begins to stick or cause the sliding door to jump off the track during your relaxing evening. What was an easy night of taking out trays of drinks to share and hamburgers to grill turns into a comedy of errors with spilled beverages everywhere and kids running into half-open doors. Let’s face it. A broken patio door roller at the wrong time can cause unusual accidents and turn a fun party into a trip to the emergency room.

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While that may seem somewhat overstated, our Phoenix sliding door repair experts understand the gravity of a broken patio slider or screen, so we jump at the chance to restore safety and functionality to your home’s entryways. We offer a number of different roller replacement services that help ensure that your doors will function correctly when you need it the most. For the most complete, reliable sliding door roller replacement services in Phoenix, AZ, look to us to solve even the most complicated of patio door problems.

Sliding Door Rollers

When your sliding door rollers begin to show signs that they are breaking, you’ll notice that the unit gets harder to close, may get stuck halfway from time to time, or jump off the track altogether. If a good, thorough cleaning of the roller and track does not eliminate the problem, it could be that your patio slider is a perfect candidate for a sliding door roller replacement repair or installation. When replacing the entire unit seems to make the most sense to fix what it wrong, there are some things to look out for when ordering a new roller.

Most sliding door rollers and tracks are not universal, meaning you need to know what kind, size, and style will match your sliding door unit. For that reason, it is important to inspect and measure it before assuming the type of replacement to order. Much of the time, the manufacturer’s name will be stamped on the door and/or corner of the glass, so we can always match the proper replacement rollers to the kind of door you currently have installed. No matter what kind it may be, either standard or customized, we can locate and order the right replacement for your sliding door rollers in no time.

Sliding Glass Door Roller Repair

The do-it-yourself home repair craze inspires people to take on projects at home that they might normally hire a contractor to handle. While that approach can save a little money, it does not always save time, nor does it guarantee it will achieve the desired results. Let us caution you about this kind of job. Replacing the rollers for a sliding glass door in your home is more complicated than it looks at first glance. What might save a few dollars might turn into a headache if you do not have the skills and tools to handle the job properly.

One of the most difficult things about replacing the rollers for any slider including glass door styles is that both the stationary and the sliding glass doors have to be removed and then the roller mechanism has to come out. The new replacement has to fit exactly for the door to go back in correctly. A certified sliding door specialist can handle the job in expert time with no hassle or mess. If only a few parts need replacing, the cost is minimal and the results are reliable when you choose the best contractor that Phoenix has to offer.

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Sliding Patio Door Rollers

There are a few common problems that arise in the roller, track, and wheel systems. Dirt or debris can wreak havoc on the functionality of your entry doors. If a good, thorough cleaning does not solve the problem to remove food, household items such as safety pins, paper clips, or thumb tacks, your roller system might need to be replaced.

If the roller or track is bent, rusted, or broken, a new one would most likely be required. Otherwise, an easy repair is always possible. Upon inspection, we can decide what kind of problem you are having and the best solution to meet the need. Regardless of repair or replacement, the cost for roller parts and services is minimal, so don’t wait to get help from a professional out of fear of a high price tag.

Why Choose All Valley Sliding Door Repair?

When you spend time at home, having access to the recreational areas of your home through the porch or patio doors is a quality of life issue. Nothing puts a damper on that easy access faster than a broken slider. Having years of experience replacing roller mechanisms for our patio door customers all over Phoenix, AZ, we know first hand how much trouble a non-functioning door can be for our neighbors. Not only is it an issue of safety, but it is also one of convenience and ease of use.

Offering affordable, yet high-quality parts and service, we are dedicated to helping each and every customer enjoy the highest quality of home life with the safety and security that properly functioning sliding doors can offer. Committed to our community in our every endeavor, we only use the highest quality parts from the best manufacturers so that your slider is warrantied and guaranteed.

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Don’t let a broken roller ruin a precious gathering of friends and family. Reach out to us, your Phoenix sliding door repair specialists and we can replace your rollers with precision and care. Our goal is to provide excellence in everything we do.

Call us and get a free quote today! Our friendly customer service specialists can answer your questions and get you scheduled right away for in-home repair service. Our mission is to go above and beyond to get you rolling again. No matter what kind of repair or replacement you may require, look to us as your Phoenix sliding door repair experts for all your home patio door roller needs.

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